Restaurants have always struggled to keep drains, pipes, traps and sewage disposal systems open and clear of obstructions. Backups, overflow and other costly problems can now be prevented without using dangerous toxic chemicals. Roebic Laboratories, Inc., a supplier of plumbing treatment products for food service and hospitality markets, has introduced 100 percent biodegradable cleaners that safely eliminate fat, oil, grease, and soap buildup. Each product is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leading third-party provider of certification, auditing, testing services and standards.

According to Lorraine Gifford, VP of commercial sales and marketing, two key Roebic treatments have received biodegradable certification from SCS. These environmentally friendly products, Bacterial Drain Cleaner and Soap Degrader, are a safer way to treat and prevent plumbing and disposal problems.

SCS recognizes the highest levels of performance in food safety and quality, environmental protection and social responsibility. For a product to qualify for SCS Biodegradability Certification, 70 percent of the compound used in the product formula must, under aerobic conditions, break down into the simple substances of carbon dioxide, basic salts, and water within 26 days. Guideline test methods are provided in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 40, Subpart 0, 796.3100-3400, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

As Gifford explains, “SCS Biodegradability Certification, praised by Good Housekeeping magazine as a leading standard, is good news for both the environment and user-safety. Roebic’s Bacterial Drain Cleaner and Roebic’s Soap Degrader set the bar above other biodegradable products by achieving 100 percent biodegradability.”

Roebic’s Bacterial Drain Cleaner (BDC) is a naturally safe drain cleaner designed to open slow and sluggish drains, keep pipes and traps flowing freely, and help control odors. BDC combines 6 strains of patented bacteria with a boost of enzymes to dissolve fat, grease and oil. It is safe to the natural bacteria in cesspools and septic tanks, and it will not damage pipes or burn skin. Available in a 5 lb. bottle (powder) with measuring cap to reduce waste.

Soap Degrader is formulated with bacteria that digest soaps and detergents in pipes, traps and on-site sewage disposal. It keeps plumbing trouble-free by reducing buildup, ending backups and overflows and eliminating business interruptions. Soap Degrader is ideal for facilities with on-site laundry services. Available sizes are 4×1 gallon and 5 gallon.

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