Rōti, the fast-casual Mediterranean concept offering bowls, salads and pitas, reopens its doors with new menu items, fresh flavors and a brand-new look, inviting customers to explore and discover crave-worthy food. Recognizing the need and importance of connecting with their guests after being away for so long, Rōti has taken substantial steps to elevate the customer experience from the moment they walk in the door providing a modern, inviting atmosphere, incredible service and food that allows all to “Crave Better.”

“At Rōti, our mission is simple–we aim to serve delicious, exciting food while creating an immersive experience for each and every guest that walks through our doors,” says Rōti CEO Justin Seamonds. “We’ve been busy during COVID, refreshing that approach to hospitality: new meals, new look, and a new way to explore the Mediterranean. With this next chapter of Rōti, we hope to reintroduce the Rōti that our customers have come to know and love, and also usher in a new wave of Rōti lovers who want to fuel their bodies with good food.”

To reintroduce itself in a meaningful way, Rōti conducted extensive research including a series of taste-tests, garnering critical feedback from customers who were long-time fans of the brand as well as those who were new to the Rōti experience. From there, Rōti Culinary Director Venecia Willis worked to curate Rōti’s revitalized menu consisting of the unique and bold Mediteranean flavors that Rōti is known for. While guests still have the ability to create their own bowl, salad or pita, Rōti’s exemplary staff — who went through an extensive training program to familiarize themselves with not only the new menu items but also Rōti’s refreshed brand ethos — are able to guide customers through the process of ordering their perfect Mediterranean meal. 

“We believe that customers deserve an option that’s both flavorful and healthy — no need to sacrifice one for the other,” says Rōti Culinary Director Venecia Willis. “The Mediterranean diet offers health benefits by incorporating age-old ingredients that have withstood the test of time. Although some of these ingredients may be new to the U.S., their culinary history dates back hundreds of years – and we’re excited to give them our own spin.”

Reopening its doors after nearly one year of navigating a global pandemic, Rōti has taken every precaution to ensure the safest, most inviting customer experience. In addition to the revitalized menu and hospitable staff, guests will be introduced to refreshed decor throughout all restaurants. Curated Apple Music playlists will greet customers as they immerse themselves into a Mediterranean oasis filled with the intoxicating aroma that comes from the distinct and flavorful ingredients.

In celebration of Rōti’s reopenings, the first 200 customers will receive free meals (up to $10), and free hummus during opening week.

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