Industry News | January 13, 2006

Round Table Pizza Names New President

Round Table Pizza, Inc. announced today that Jim Fletcher has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and will continue as the company's Chief Executive Officer.

J. Robert McCourt has been elected President of Round Table Pizza, Inc., succeeding Mr. Fletcher, and will continue as the company's Chief Operating Officer.

In making the announcement, Mr. Fletcher explained that his new role will allow him "to focus on addressing issues critical to Round Table's long-term success, including strategic planning and capital management." Mr. McCourt will assume leadership of all functions related to company store and franchise operations. Mr. McCourt joined the company in 1996 as its Chief Financial Officer, and prior to his promotion to President, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Fletcher also noted, "The tremendous growth that we have experienced over the last several years has increased both the complexity of our business as well the need to focus more on long term planning. Mr. McCourt's assumption of leadership of the day to day business will allow me to focus on the long-term strategic challenges facing our business."

Historically, Round Table's business focused primarily on franchising. "However, five years ago we decided to increase our level of ownership of restaurants to both strengthen our system and increase returns for our employee owned company," said Mr. Fletcher. Since then, Round Table has increased its number of company owned restaurants from 37 (at the beginning of 2000) to 127 company owned restaurants today, one quarter of the 500 restaurants in the Round Table Pizza system. Company owned restaurants are located in Boise, Idaho, Portland, Oregon, Reno, Nevada, and throughout California. Over 3,000 full and part time employees work in its company operations. In 2005 Round Table Pizza was named one of the 100 fastest growing private companies in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. In discussing Round Table's growth, Round Table's Chief Operating Officer Rob McCourt said, "Our growth has created many opportunities for advancement for our employees. This situation is particularly exciting because it comes on top of the financial benefits that accrue to employees because we are an employee owned company. Our employee owners are directly benefiting from Round Table's success in a number of ways."

"We plan on significantly increasing the number of new units we are building," explained Mr. McCourt. In 2005 Round Table opened 5 new company owned units, 4 in the California's San Joaquin Valley and one in Dayton, Nevada, and it has signed or is about to sign leases for 10 more sites in California and Nevada. Round Table plans to build over 30 new restaurants in California and Nevada over the next 2 years "We have had considerable success when we open new, comfortable restaurants in new retail centers that are convenient to our customers, and our brand is very strong on the West Coast and Nevada," said Mr. McCourt.

Round Table also announced several other promotions in its organization. Clint Dennis will become Director, Information Services, Jeff Rahn assumes the position of Director, Brand Marketing, Dave Cheney becomes Director, Franchise Business Services, and Farhan Jalil will be elevated to Senior Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis. Mr. Fletcher explained that "these individuals are being recognized for the leadership and significant contributions each has made toward the continuing success of our business."


Dear Mr.J. Robert McCourt: I love your pizza, but last night I had a awful experience at your Foster road Location in Portland Oregon. When Me and my son arrived, with my sons best friend, to order 3 pizza's there was 4 people in the pizza parlor. It was 5:30 pm. And all of a sudden about 25 people came in. The pizza parlor had about 4 delivery guys coming and going while we sat and waited for our pizza's so their delivery business seemed brisk. At about 6:10 we were told our pizza would be ready in 4 minutes. At 6:20, still no pizza. When I got up to make a complaint, another customer was up at the counter, and she told me she had an order for pick-up and had waited over an hour. So I asked once again, When will my order be finished. And the manager told me they had just finished our pizza's and they were about ready to go in the oven any minute now! I told them at the 40 minute mark that it was unacceptable to me and wanted a full refund. But the manager said she could only refund the pizza amount because it was against OLCC rules to give refunds on beer. Which,(THE BUD LIGHT BEER WAS TOTALLY FLAT AND SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SERVED IN THE FIRST PLACE). I believe you people owe me 3 pizzas and a tall cold beer for the pain and suffering you put my family through. And I would never go in to the FOSTER LOCATION AS LONG AS I LIVE!!

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