Industry News | October 31, 2009

Round Table Pizza Says Aloha

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Round Table Pizza franchisees, restaurant managers, vendors, and corporate staff members gathered in October at the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Round Table Pizza. Educational sessions, marketing direction, and motivational classes were the focus, and ongoing challenges in today’s marketplace were reviewed.

Outgoing associate president Diana Schumaker of Bay Valley Foods was given a special thank you from the Round Table Owners Association (RTOA) board of directors, and the award for Associate of the Year went to Al Prospero of Sugar Foods Corporation, who has been working with Round Table Pizza for more than 20 years. The RTOA expressed their appreciation to Diana and Al for their contributions as part of the Round Table family.

Round Table Pizza operates 500 restaurants with locations in California, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii, and Nevada.


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