Rounds Premium Burgers, California’s premiere better-burger brand and winner of The Cooking Channel’s “Best In Chow: Hollywood Burger Wars,” has signed a multiunit franchise deals for the Middle East.

The brand, which currently has three units open in California, will develop in Qatar, under a new franchise agreement.

Rounds recently announced a partnership with Fransmart, the franchise development company behind the explosive growth of brands like Five Guys Burgers and Fries in the U.S., and responsible for bringing other major successes, like Elevation Burger and Vapiano, to the Middle East.

The new franchise group signed their deal through Fransmart’s vice president of sales Al Rowe.

The new deal will account for three units to be developed in the country, leaving plenty of untapped potential territory in the rest of the Middle East and GCC countries, a region where the better burger segment as a whole has flourished in recent years.

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