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    Roy Rogers Brings Back Fall Fan Favorites

  • Industry News October 7, 2013

    Roy Rogers is bringing back the popular Steak N Cheese sandwich and pumpkin shake – two fall favorites to celebrate the season along with Roy's Wooden Nickel promotion. Roy Rogers Steak N Cheese reigns as the company's best performing seasonal offering, paying homage to the hearty Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Roy's western take on this East Coast classic fuels the imagination with its thinly sliced beef, ooey gooey cheese, and sweet grilled onions all piled high on a traditional hoagie roll. Guests can enjoy this meaty American classic with the cool pumpkin shake – a signature blend of rich and creamy Edy's ice cream with seasonal flavor notes of pumpkin pie spices that include cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice. And to satisfy those rock star Trick-or-Treaters, Roy's famous Wooden Nickel program is back in the saddle. For five dollars, guests snag 10 Wooden Nickels each good for any regular premium Edy's ice cream cone. The best part? They never expire. A sweet deal to cash in on that vanishes soon. Quality coupled with variety is the cornerstone of Roy Rogers' success. Roy's fresh meal choices and variety of sides at the Roy Rogers' Fixin's Bar gives guests the opportunity to customize their dining experience.