Roy Rogers Restaurants announces the opening of their new company owned store in Waldorf, Maryland. On November 11, 2013 beginning at 11 a.m., hungry Roy Rogers fans will be able to get their fix of Roy Rogers – right in their Waldorf neighborhood just off Crain Highway in the Berkley Square Shopping Center. Roy Rogers has taken over an existing quick service restaurant, remodeling the location to bring their quality menu to the area.


As Roy Rogers has expanded their footprint within the Mid-Atlantic, they have been strategically using the conversion of current units as a cost effective way to enter a new market. “Where the right existing assets can be acquired, these are efficient and affordable conversions,” says Jim Plamondon, co-president of the Plamondon Companies, who owns the Roy Rogers Restaurants. “And with our average sales volumes exceeding 1.5 million, this makes for a great growth vehicle for our franchisees. It’s a true win-win-win situation for us, potential franchisees, and of course, our beloved customers.”


To welcome guests, Roy Rogers invites the Waldorf community to join them in celebrating the opening of the new store. “We look forward to customers coming out to see the new face of Roy Rogers, sample the food and enjoy all the planned activities of the day,” says Greg Seymoure, director of operations. “Our hope is to be a valued part of the community and make a positive impact in the areas we serve.”


For the Roy Rogers enthusiast, the first 50 guests in line on November 11 will receive 1 free combo meal per week for one year. Not an early bird? Not a problem. Number 51 in line, along with everyone else at the event, will be welcomed to enter a promotion to win the same.


Roy Rogers is expecting a great turn out given the enthusiasm for the store expressed via social media in recent months. Quality coupled with variety is the cornerstone of Roy Rogers’ success. That’s why Roy Rogers’ guests are some of the most loyal consumers in the industry. Roys’ fresh meal choices, variety of sides, and condiments at the Roy Rogers signature Fixin’s Bar gives guests the opportunity to customize their dining experience to suit any taste.


The Plamondon Companies are expanding Roy Rogers across the Mid-Atlantic with new franchise partners and two additional company locations anticipated to debut within the next 12-15 months.

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