Industry News | July 25, 2013

Roy Rogers Offers Fresh Alternative for Summer Dining

Roy Rogers Restaurants announced the introduction of its new signature Chicken Salad. A limited time menu offer, Roy's Chicken Salad is served up as a fresh alternative for summer dining. All white meat, hand cut, fresh never frozen chicken is seasoned for summer, and patrons have the choice to add tasty sweet dried cranberries and glazed walnuts. Roy's Chicken Salad is served on a multigrain roll as a sandwich or dished up on a bed of Roy Rogers new butter blend lettuce with only 244 calories per serving.


With the new butter blend lettuce also gracing their its popular salad choices, Roy's has added crisp grape tomatoes and crunchy home-made croutons baked fresh daily to their menu. And innovation doesn't end there – Roy Rogers has recently upgraded to premium hand-dipped Edy's Ice Cream. Available in classic Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry, Roy Rogers will also offer a monthly feature flavor to entice the sweet tooth. "Customers really love our desserts. We put a lot of thought into the right partner and found that Edy's Ice Cream perfectly complements our famous strawberry shortcake and brownie sundae," says Greg Seymoure, director of operations.


Quality coupled with variety is the cornerstone of Roy Rogers' success. The famous Fixins Bar allows customers to add 18 different condiments to their meal along with Roy's one of a kind Gold Rush and specialty feature sauces like the spicy Boom Boom sauce in stores now.


"At Roy Rogers, our customers enjoy the opportunity to create their own experience," explains Melanie Dyer, Roy Rogers' director of marketing. "With over a quadrillion combinations, customers can truly orchestrate a variety of tastes that suit their mood. It's one of the main reasons our customers keep coming back."

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