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    Roy Rogers Restaurant Returns to La Plata, Maryland

  • Industry News November 26, 2012

    Roy Rogers Restaurants announces that they have returned to La Plata, Maryland, with the opening of their newest franchise restaurant in Charles County. Located at 6370 Crain Highway, the new restaurant was opened in a timely and cost-effective manner due to Roy Rogers’ concept conversion expertise

    Utilizing the existing infrastructure of another quick service restaurant concept, Roy Rogers was able to efficiently install its trade dress in an accelerated timeframe. “It was the easiest conversion we’ve ever done,” states Jim Plamondon, co-president of the Plamondon Companies, franchisor of Roy Rogers Restaurants. “With minimal framing, new stucco, paint, and interior remodeling, we were able to make the modifications in La Plata for a fraction of the cost of a new build, all in a 45-day turnaround. What we aren’t able to change, we’re able to work around due to our flexibility. In this case it included designing around raised ceilings and specific building characteristics affordably for the Roy Rogers transformation.”
    The cost-effectiveness of the La Plata concept conversion also corresponds with the company’s growth strategy. “Where the right existing assets can be acquired, these are efficient and affordable conversions,” continues Plamondon. “And with our average sales volumes of 1.7 million, this makes for a great growth vehicle for our franchisees. It’s a true win-win-win situation for us, potential franchisees, and of course, our customers.”
    Consumer demand for the brand’s return after its 2007 departure from the market fueled Roy Rogers' return to La Plata. “We expected a huge opening because the brand is so beloved, but this was just over the top. Our opening day was four times higher than a normal day in a high volume restaurant,” states Patience Barton, La Plata Roy Rogers franchisee. “The community is so excited and the record-breaking sales have continued every day since we’ve been open.”
    The Plamondon Companies will build two more company locations within the next six months: a new build in Burtonsville, Maryland in mid-December, and an in-line unit in Rockville, Maryland early in 2013 – and have recently signed on three new franchisees.
    Roy Rogers Restaurants is known in the industry for the “Triple Threat” – serving real USDA Choice roast beef, slow-roasted in each location, hand-breaded, fresh fried chicken, and great tasting burgers. Unique to Roy Rogers is its Fixins Bar, which features a dozen different condiments such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and jalapeños. In addition to lunch and dinner, Roy Rogers offers breakfast items such as cream-chipped beef, made-from-scratch pancakes, and crescent and sourdough sandwiches. Along with the famous Fixins Bar, restaurant amenities include a drive-thru window, flat screen TV, and free Wi-Fi connectivity.