Roy Rogers Restaurants, in a bold move to fuel a 100-unit franchise growth over the next five years, has struck a strategic alliance with Franchise Dynamics – one of the nation's largest full-service franchise sales outsourcing company – to help expand Roy Rogers' enterprising system.


With 50 Roy Rogers U.S. locations and counting in the Mid-Atlantic region, the beloved brand is out of the corral and making a strong comeback among loyal and new customers alike. This laser focus on growth is paving the way for savvy operators and investors to get in on the ground floor.


"Our brand is growing as Roy Rogers builds on its successful foundation of fresh quality food with an authentic western flair. We have beautiful new stores in carefully vetted strategic locations that deliver strong average unit volumes – that's an opportunity that cannot be ignored," says Jim Plamondon, Roy Rogers co-president.


Roy Rogers is excited to drive franchise expansion through the sales expertise of Franchise Dynamics, a company that serves a unique niche of growing businesses across many industries, which include retail and restaurants through franchise sales. Franchise Dynamics is ready to grow Roy Roger's current count of 29 franchised locations by bringing on financially-qualified restaurant operators and investors who are motivated, energetic, and ready to be a part of providing the highest level of customer service with Roy Rogers Restaurants.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Pizza, Roy Rogers