RTI (Restaurant Technology, Inc.) announced the release of its new interface between the NEC RSeMW or RSeMX point-of-sale system and the RTIconnect Restaurant Back Office system.  

This interface was developed at the request of several of RTI’s quick-service restaurant clients who use the NEC POS for their restaurant transactions. The interface allows restaurants to import hourly sales, tills, product mix, and time punch data directly into RTIconnect and then use that data to improve food and labor costs and improve cash accountability.

“Our goal is to give the restaurant operator a ‘win-win’ solution—choosing the POS that is best suited for his environment while employing the RTIconnect Back Office for cost savings and reporting,” says Greg Waddell, RTI’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We have many clients whose restaurants use the NEC solution, making this interface a very significant addition to our system.”

RTIconnect interfaces with more than 35 quick-service and fast-casual POS providers. Additional integration points include accounting systems, payroll providers, time clocks, and vendor/ordering partners.

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