Industry News | March 5, 2013

Rubbermaid Launches Spa Fragrance Collection

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products announces the launch of its Spa Fragrance Collection for air care in commercial environments. 

In response to marketplace trends and needs, three spa quality fragrances utilizing natural, essential oils proven to positively impact mood, will be added to RCP’s current air care portfolio.  Air care programs are upgrades which have been proven to enhance facility image and increase patron satisfaction and tenant retention.  
“These fragrances were created in response to the growing global market trend of aromatherapy and are designed to rejuvenate the mind and body while neutralizing odors in any environment, naturally improving health and wellness for patrons,” says Alison Kapp, manager, product marketing for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “Key decision makers can easily update current air care systems to include Spa Collection fragrances, as they can all be dispensed through RCP’s full line of air care dispensers, including TCell, Microburst 3000, Microburst Duet, and Microburst 9000.”
Spa Collection fragrances are:
•Purifying Spa: Crisp, floral notes of white lily, rose, and jasmine harmonize with soft sandalwood, juniper berry, and lemon grass oils to promote clarity and boost concentration 
•Relaxing Spa: Calming, herbal notes of chamomile and lavender intertwined with a soothing blend of musk, amber, and orchid to soothe the senses
•Energizing Spa: A bold, revitalizing citrus fusion of mandarin leaf and pomelo, enhanced with the fresh essential oils of bergamot, grapefruit, and lime, invigorate and recharge the spirit
The new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Spa Collection will roll out in markets around the world in early 2013.

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