Rudi’s Organic Bakery, the maker of delicious, small-batch organic and  gluten-free breads available in natural food stores and supermarkets nationwide, today announced  the appointment of recognized industry leader and former Rudi’s CEO, Jane Miller to its Board of  Directors. 

Ms. Miller brings over 30 years of executive experience in the FMCG industry, ranging from Fortune  500 companies to newly established brands. Most recently she was CEO of Lily’s Sweets, which she  helped sell to The Hershey Company in 2021. She also previously held the CEO role at HannahMax  

Baking, a maker of low-sugar cookies, and ProYo, the high protein frozen yogurt brand. Over the  course of her career, Ms. Miller also held senior positions at Hostess, HJ Heinz, Bestfoods Baking,  and PepsiCo. Most recently, she co-founded Haevn, (, a company dedicated to  providing career opportunities and personal development to college-aged students. 

Notably, Ms. Miller served as Rudi’s CEO from 2008 to 2014. During her tenure, she cemented the  Company’s position as an early leader in the fast-emerging organic and gluten-free baked goods category. Under Jane’s leadership, Rudi’s expanded its presence across grocery and mass channels,  launched gluten-free products and quickly achieved the #1 position in organic bakery. 

Jane brings decades of success from across food industry and joins the Board at an exciting time  for the business and the whole sector,” says Cem Karakas, Chairperson of Rudi’s. “Jane’s personal  knowledge of the business as well as her thought leadership in the natural food space makes her  uniquely qualified to contribute to the Board. Working together, we will continue to accelerate  Rudi’s growth and build on the great foundations she established when she was the CEO.” 

“I am thrilled to be involved again with Rudi’s, a business that has grown to be an iconic brand in the  Natural and Organic industry,” says Ms. Miller. “Since my good friend Sheldon Romer founded  Rudi’s in 1976, the company has been committed to providing the most delicious baked goods, using the highest quality ingredients. Mayfair Equity Partners and the Rudi’s board of directors have  an incredible vision for Rudi’s growth, and I am honored to be a part of this next chapter.” 

Ms. Miller’s appointment became effective on 1st November 2021.  

Rudi’s is the original, Rocky Mountain bakery that utilizes small batch baking techniques to deliver  organic and gluten-free products that encourage a healthy and delicious life. For over 40 years,  Rudi’s has spearheaded a mission to make artisanal and gourmet packaged baked goods more accessible to consumers by bringing wholesome products, expertly crafted in the heart of Colorado,  to kitchen pantries nationwide. Both Rudi’s Organic Bakery and Rudi’s Gluten Free have cultivated a  devoted brand following amongst consumers who are actively seeking to enjoy bread without  compromises. The company has a strong position in the natural grocery channel and a growing  presence in the conventional / mass channel. It is fast-tracking innovation and has a total of 55 SKUs  across the organic and gluten-free bakery product segment.

Following the 2020 carve-out from Hain Celestial and the acquisition of Three Bakers Gluten Free by  Promise Gluten Free and Mayfair Equity Partners, Rudi’s will continue to leverage the category  expertise of one of the world’s most innovative gluten-free bakery companies. The transaction has  allowed Rudi’s to focus on growing its national footprint, increasing sales, and the development of  new organic and gluten-free products.  

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