Rudi’s Organic Bakery, a certified-organic breads brand, announced today that they will be the first to introduce a national line of certified-organic bagels in four great-tasting, mainstream varieties.

The need for organic bagels in mainstream flavors led Rudi’s Organic to develop a line of organic bagels in four varieties, including Plain, Honey Sweet Wheat, Multi-Grain, and Cinnamon Raisin. Previously, consumers looking for organic bagels were only able to find spelt, sprouted or gluten-free bagels made with natural and organic ingredients.

“Rudi’s Organic has been passionate about baking better breads for families for over 30 years, and bagels are a perfect extension of our commitment to offering consumers great-tasting, organic baked goods,” says Doug Radi, vice president of marketing for Rudi’s Organic Bakery. “Moms can feel great about our bagels because, like all of our baked goods, they are made with all of the good stuff and none of the bad.”

Rudi’s Organic consistently bakes better breads made without the use of preservatives, pesticides, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients, including the new line of bagels. Rudi’s Organic Bagels come in four delicious flavors, including:

* Plain: A classic flavor made with wholesome, high-quality organic ingredients

* Honey Sweet Wheat: A delicious wheat bagel sweetened with a touch of honey

* Multi-Grain: A delicious and nutritious bagel complete with all the benefits of whole grains

* Cinnamon Raisin: A bagel treat full of tasty cinnamon and raisins

Rudi’s Organic Bagels are available in packages of six, pre-sliced two-ounce bagels, a perfect size for those looking to balance heartiness and calories. The bagels are certified organic and kosher. Customers can find Rudi’s Organic Bagels where they purchase their favorite Rudi’s Organic baked goods, including most natural foods stores, as well as select grocery stores nationwide.

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