Burger King offers customers a chance to experience the Rugrats(TM) in their favorite amusement park, EuroReptarland. Beginning November 13, 2000, connectable toys from the Nickelodeon Movies/Paramount Pictures release “Rugrats(TM) In Paris: The Movie,” will be available at participating Burger King restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. The eight connectable toys take the Rugrats(TM) characters on a wild amusement park adventure, just like in the movie, and will be offered in each Big Kids Meal and Kids Meal purchase. The eight high-quality themed premiums can be played with individually or connected together to create EuroReptarland. The promotion is scheduled to run through December 10 at participating restaurants, or while supplies last. “Rugrats(TM) In Paris – The Movie” opens nationwide on November 17, 2000.

Customers can also purchase four exclusive Rugrats(TM) “ChatBack” watches. The watches are uniquely designed in bold, vibrant colors and, when activated, the Rugrats(TM) characters “chat back” to each other using phrases inspired by “Rugrats(TM) In Paris – The Movie.” Each watch features a “conversation” between two different Rugrats(TM) characters. Push the button on one character to hear it say one of two possible phrases — “It’s a moozement park!” Then push the button on the other character and it chats back — “That’s scary!” The Rugrats(TM) ChatBack watches will be available at Burger King restaurants for $1.99 with the purchase of any Value Meal (price and participation may vary).

“Nickelodeon and the Rugrats(TM) are perfectly aligned with the Burger King brand. The Rugrats(TM) are an enjoyable, family oriented property and a true favorite among kids and parents alike,” said Richard Taylor, vice president of marketing for Burger King Corporation. “We experienced a successful Rugrats(TM) promotion in 1998 with ‘The Rugrats(TM) Movie,’ and we are incredibly excited to be working with Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures once again on this fantastic property.”
The toys, inspired by the movie’s characters, include:
Tumbling Kimi Volcano presents Kimi, the newest Rugrat(TM) to join the gang in “Rugrats(TM) In Paris: The Movie.” When placed at the top of the volcano, Kimi tumbles down end over end in her Reptar Car.

• Daktar’s Descent With Lil features baby Lil driving her own Robot Car and lets up to two Rugrats(TM) sit on Daktar’s wings and hang on for a wild spinning ride.

Susie’s Super Spiral has Susie in a Rocketship. Her ship prepares to launch by plugging into the top of the toy and the Rocket Car slides down suspended from the track.

• In Reptar Rider, Tommy sits in his own rad racing convertible, ready to ride the Robo Reptar! Up to two Rugrats(TM) can ride inside the claws of the Robot while he spins them around.

Dil’s Ooey Gooey Roller Ride features Dil in his cute Clown Car gliding down a fun, slippery slide that lifts him back up to the top.

The Rumbling Robot Buggy has Chuckie holding on tight for a bumpy ride. When his car is locked into the port, he can be wound up then released with the trigger. This toy also comes with fun stickers to decorate the ride.

Phil’s Snail Spinner is unlike any other Ferris wheel. Phil is locked in his Spaceship for a whirling ride that lights up.

Angelica’s Princess Castle Ride completes the Rugrats(TM) adventure with Angelica, the princess of the pack. In her Dragon Boat, Angelica rides up the steps of the castle, then glides down the waterfall.

“These ‘Rugrats(TM) In Paris: The Movie’ toys provide our customers with the opportunity to play with each toy individually or connect as many toys as possible to create their own EuroReptarland,” said Chris Northrup, manager, Youth and Family Marketing for Burger King Corporation. “The ChatBack watches bring the babies to life and are sure to be a favorite among kids.”
The Burger King promotion will be supported with national television advertising and radio promotional support. The spots were created by Lowe Lintas & Partners. In-restaurant merchandising has also been created to support the promotion.

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