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    Runza Restaurants Decides It's CrunchTime!

  • Industry News October 18, 2011

    The CrunchTime! back office solution will allow Runza to control food and labor costs by managing restaurant inventory, staffing, and all dimensions of their supply chain, while making operations more consistent. Real-time reporting on key performance indicators and integrated dashboards will deliver sales and cost analytics to support timely decision making across the enterprise.

    Runza Restaurants is a regional Midwest chain of 82 quick-serve restaurants, in operation since 1949. The signature menu item, the Runza Sandwich, is made of ground beef, cabbage, onion, and spices baked inside made-from-scratch bread dough.

    “Similar to our sourcing of only the best ingredients, we performed an exhaustive evaluation of back-office software solutions specializing in the restaurant industry,” says Donald Everett Jr., president of Runza Restaurants. “We were committed to choosing a company and product that matched our best-in-industry niche, and the clear choice was CrunchTime! Information Systems.”

    The CrunchTime! enterprise solution combines simplicity with functionality. Integration with POS, accounting, payroll, and other third-party systems means customers can manage all dimensions of their business from a single platform. Features include restaurant inventory, production planning, ordering and receiving, labor scheduling and workforce management, cash reconciliation, enterprise supply chain management, enterprise reporting, custom dash boards, menu and recipe engineering, automated alerts, and reporting at both the corporate and store levels

    “The leadership team at Runza has really rolled up their sleeves, and are leading the implementation,” says Bill Bellissimo, president of CrunchTime! “Their commitment to driving the process and getting results is extraordinary, and makes them an ideal business partner for our company.”