Rush Bowls—a fast-casual concept known for its fresh and healthy meals-on-the-go—announced the return of a favorite seasonal smoothie blend which will be available for a limited time this summer, the Summer Mojo smoothie.

Inspired by the bright, bold flavors of summertime, the Summer Mojo smoothie offers the perfect blend of citrus, berries and a splash of refreshing mint. This limited time offer aims to capitalize on consumer tendencies to prefer more juice-based products during the hotter months of summer. With a lemonade base, bright fruits and a sprig of mint differentiating the smoothie from other menu offerings, the famous smoothie is sure to be a renewed summer favorite.

“As a brand, customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority,” says Andrew Pudalov, founder and CEO of Rush Bowls. “We get so excited every summer to announce the release date of the Summer Mojo because we know it’s always a customer favorite that people come back for time and time again.” 

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