Industry News | February 20, 2013

Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet Offer Lent Season LTOs

Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet are offering a sea of dishes for families observing the Lenten season. From seafood to pasta to home-style sides, there are plenty of options for guests. All 337 buffet restaurants are serving up seafood specials every Friday during dinner, plus other Lent-friendly offerings daily.  

“Our restaurants are known for giving families a lot of choices to enjoy,” says Jason Abelkop, chief marketing officer for Buffets Inc. “Whether it’s during Lent or any time of year, we can help families satisfy their culinary needs and cravings.”   
During Lent, all the buffet restaurants are serving up dinnertime Friday seafood specials. HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet are offering salmon and fried butterfly shrimp. Ryan’s is featuring southern fried fish and fried butterfly shrimp. These limited-time offers are available for dinner every Friday during Lent. 
Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet offer seafood fan favorites for lunch and dinner throughout the year like shrimp scampi, baked fish, seafood patties, and more. There are also a variety of popular non-seafood offerings that families may also enjoy including custom and prepared salads, baked and fried chicken, pasta dishes, home-style soups, pizzas, and vegetarian dishes. These entrees may be complemented with a number of delicious sides like fresh and steamed vegetables, baked potatoes with toppers, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cornbread stuffing. The menus will vary by location.   
Lent is a Catholic observance that typically lasts for 40 days from Ash Wednesday through Holy Thursday. It is traditionally a period marked by fasting from certain foods and festivities. The Lenten season leads up to Easter Sunday, which is March 31 this year. 

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