SAJJ Mediterranean announced three new menu items featuring green garbanzos, which will roll out at all nine locations on National Hummus Day (Monday, May 13). Available for a limited time, the green garbanzos will be featured in three ways: 

  • Green Garbanzo Hummus: House-made with freshly picked green garbanzo beans, tahini, corn oil, lemon juice, and salt. Available with pita chips as a side order for $2.00, or add a scoop to any entree for no extra cost.
  • Green Garbanzo Falafel Patties: Hand prepared with smashed green garbanzo beans and a great vegan option! Entree available for $9.95.
  • Straight Up Garbanzos: On the line as a cold topping for any bowl, salad, wrap, or pita. No extra cost.

Green garbanzos are chickpeas harvested earlier than regular garbanzo beans, resulting in a nutty flavor and buttery texture. The all-natural plant protein offers plenty of nutritional benefits such as being high in fiber and naturally low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, all of which promotes a healthy heart. They are an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants, and an all-natural source of protein that helps fuel a healthy lifestyle.

“Green garbanzo beans are a vibrant, healthy addition to any meal because of their plentiful nutritional benefits, so we wanted to highlight the ingredient in multiple ways and showcase its versatility,” says Executive Chef, Loay Alhindi. “At SAJJ, we’re always looking to introduce new ‘superfood’ ingredients to our menu, especially those that are not widely known like green garbanzos or freekeh, the grain we debuted earlier this year. We received an overwhelmingly positive response with freekeh, and we’re confident our green garbanzo items will be embraced by our guests in the same way.”

The new items join SAJJ’s fully customizable menu filled with authentic Mediterranean offerings, like award-winning falafel, chicken and steak shawarma, traditional hummus, and a variety of chutneys, toppings, and sauces. Each guest is invited to choose their entree format – sajj wrap, pita sandwich, turmeric or freekeh bowl, salad – and customize it to their liking and dietary preferences.  In addition to the green garbanzos, and in an effort to keep up with customer demands and food trends, SAJJ also offers innovative items like the plant-based Impossible Kabob and Chocolate Hummus along with their authentic Mediterranean dishes. Traditional Middle Eastern beverages like mint and strawberry lemonades, tamarind, and mint yogurt drink, are also available and made in-house at all locations. Ingredients for all of SAJJ’s menu items are locally-sourced from small farms whenever possible, creating feel-good food that is always fresh.

For exclusive green garbanzo promotions, online ordering, easy in-store payment, and to join the SAJJ loyalty rewards program, download the SAJJ Street Eats mobile app. The app allows for digital access to SAJJ’s locations, and tracks payment history and past orders to reward customers with discounts and gifts. SAJJ Mediterranean is also partnered with Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, Eat24, and more to deliver their fresh eats from all locations.

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