Salad and Go, an emerging salad industry disruptor, announced today the opening of a new Salad and Go store coming this month to the Arizona market of Phoenix. The new Phoenix location, opening in the brand’s headquarters city, will join 12 other stores in its respective market to satisfy the growing demand. Phoenix is projected to open October 2 at 2301 N 44th St.

“We are excited to continue bringing new Salad and Go stores to Arizona as we set our sights on new locations across the United States. Every new opening reinforces our mission to provide fresh, nutritious food that is convenient and affordable for all and is a reminder that we are the change the industry needs,” says Charlie Morrison, CEO of Salad and Go. “At Salad and Go, we believe that everyone should have access to delicious, healthy food without costs, tastes or accessibility being a barrier, and we’re proud to be the industry disruptor that prioritizes democratizing fresh food for the communities we serve.”

The new store coming to Arizona this month brings Salad and Go closer to achieving its goal of nearly doubling the company’s network size to a total of 90 locations open by the close of this year, and to double that network size yet again by the end of 2023. Salad and Go is on a continuous growth trajectory with more locations coming to its home state of Arizona, to Texas where Houston is the next new market entry and soon to Oklahoma, with all these major developments taking place by the close of this year.

Guests at the new Salad and Go locations can expect a variety of fresh and craveable options from a chef-created menu coupled with affordable prices and a convenient drive-thru service, making it the perfect one-stop shop for any time of the day. Salad and Go is the ultimate destination for busy professionals, students and individuals on the go looking for an original and innovative spin on breakfast burritos, salads, wraps, soup and more.

Salad and Go is dedicated to efficiency with vertically-integrated operations and distribution systems and, whenever possible, sources ingredients directly from high-quality local farmers and suppliers. The attention to details ensures that each meal has fresh, high quality ingredients and keeps costs low for the customer. Salad and Go’s mission drives the brand past opening new locations and into the communities it serves, with the company consistently partnering with local nonprofits to provide 4,000 free meals per week to those in need. 

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