Salad Collective, the Denver-based operating company of better-for-you brands MAD Greens, Snappy Salads and Tokyo Joe’s, announced today a monumental step forward in its journey toward exponential growth. 

As of March 29th, Salad Collective is now fully owned by AC Restaurant Co., LCC – a Coors family ownership entity. After successfully buying out the company’s former minority partner, AC Restaurant Co. is strengthening its commitment to Salad Collective as the operating company aims to revolutionize the landscape of fresh, healthy dining experiences across the nation.

As part of this transition, the entire Salad Collective team has relocated to its new Colorado-based headquarters in Golden, bringing all three brands under one roof. Through strategic team promotions and restructuring efforts, Salad Collective is elevating its vibrant team culture and reinforcing a commitment to providing exceptional culinary experiences for fans of MAD Greens, Snappy Salads and Tokyo Joe’s with a combined total of 60 locations.

“With a shared commitment to culinary excellence, community engagement and operational innovation, this collaborative move marks an exciting chapter of growth and connectivity for every brand in our portfolio,” says Darden Coors, CEO of Salad Collective. “We’re well positioned to expand our footprint with a unified approach and to leverage the combined experience that each team member brings to the table. We look forward to the growth through new leadership opportunities, driven by our deep-rooted passion for the restaurant industry.”

In tandem with the shared headquarters move, several Salad Collective team members are expanding their responsibilities to assume new leadership roles. Across the company, there are more than 100 years of collective experience, exemplifying the group’s impressive tenure, leadership and restaurant expertise. Notable personnel changes include: Jeremy Marshall, who was promoted to Chief Operating Officer; Tom Eichenberger, who is now serving as Chief Financial Officer; and Jerry Teague, who has been appointed Chief of Development and Supply Chain for all three brands.

Under Coors’ leadership, the Salad Collective brand, MAD Greens, continues to thrive and is positioned for franchise growth. Coors, a loyal customer and avid fan of MAD Greens, discovered her MADness in 2013 when she stepped in as CEO after AC Restaurant Group acquired MAD Greens. Passionate about MAD Greens’ commitment to high-quality ingredients, amazing culinary experiences and a positive company culture, Coors led the company to triple its locations under her leadership. Now, with 23 locations spanning Colorado, Texas and Arizona, MAD Greens is reshaping individuals’ eating habits by disrupting the status quo for healthy eating on the go. Eager to expand with like-minded individuals, the brand is awarding franchise opportunities in its current markets providing more options for families and busy professionals to eat healthy and feel satisfied. 

As consumer demand for nutritious, convenient, and sustainable dining options continues to surge, Salad Collective stands at the forefront of innovation in the fast-casual dining sector. With a commitment to culinary excellence, community engagement, and operational efficiency, the company has cultivated a loyal following and garnered widespread acclaim for its diverse menu offerings, exceptional service, and dedication to quality ingredients. Now, with the full backing of the esteemed AC Restaurant Co., Salad Collective is positioned to accelerate its expansion efforts, bringing its distinctive blend of flavor, freshness, and convenience to an even broader audience.

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