Get ready to see a lot more
Saladworks’ signs popping up in Florida. The tossed
salad franchise is partnering with a Florida businessman who will open
30 new franchises throughout the state. Ken Gordon, president of
FranBiz, has become Saladworks’ first area representative. That means
Gordon will be responsible for finding and supporting those franchises,
as Saladworks grows beyond the Miami & Jacksonville markets, where the
chain already has 4 stores.

“I’ve been involved in franchising in one way or another since the late
1970’s,” said Ken Gordon, president of FranBiz ( and
area representative for Saladworks. “I was looking for stability, a
company with history, make that, an unblemished history. That’s what I
found at Saladworks. It’s a regional concept that I’d like to see go
global. It certainly has the legs to do it.”

The quick casual salad
concept was founded in Cherry Hill, NJ, in 1986. Mall management didn’t
think a salad-only eatery would succeed, but succeed they did, taking in
$57 million in sales for 2007. Along the way, the chain added Panini &
sandwiches, plus original recipe soups. Right now, Saladworks’ strength
lies in the Northeast, where a majority of the 87 franchised units are
located, but the company has made a sizable impact outside its core
market. Entrepreneur Magazine voted Saladworks the #1 salad franchise
in the country (2007). Now, the
nationally-recognized franchise is looking at this deal as a way to make
an even bigger name for itself.

“We know this deal is about more than just finding franchises,” said
John Scardapane, CEO of Saladworks. “It’s about protecting, improving
and growing the system and we believe Ken will do just that with these
30 new stores. That’s why we chose him to be Saladworks’ area
representative. He’ll make sure franchisees fit into our model and
share our core values. Plus, we get to tap into his expertise, which
will benefit the whole system.”

Gordon’s long history in franchising began in 1979 after meeting the
founder of the non-franchised Mail Boxes Etc., which became The UPS
store. He joined the company, crafted the first area developer
agreement, and helped grow the “post office alternative” from just 1
unit to one of the most recognizable business brands in the nation. In
fact, Gordon facilitated the conversion of Mail Boxes Etc stores to UPS
stores throughout Florida. Along the way, Gordon founded FranBiz in
1990, as a franchise development and business consultant company and
performed such services as site selection and lease negotiations for
franchise systems. To this day, FranBiz still owns, operates and
supports one of the world’s largest MBE (now UPS stores) area
development deals with over 250 stores in Florida. As the past
president of the Florida Franchise Association, the state’s business
community is well aware of Gordon’s involvement and success in the
franchising industry. With Saladworks becoming the fifth major company
Gordon has signed on with to help expand, the goal is to see that
success span into the world of salads.

Gordon expects to have a location and franchisee picked out for his
first Saladworks store in Tampa, Florida very soon, and will add five
more locations in 2008, with the remaining 24 Saladworks stores to open
over the following three years.