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    Saladworks Introduces Chicken Manchego Salad

  • Industry News April 4, 2012

    Saladworks is pleased to announce its new spring seasonal salad, the Chicken Manchego Salad, which will be available in all Saladworks locations from April 3 -June 15 .

    The Chicken Manchego Salad is a mix of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, wheat pasta, craisins, and chicken, and also featured new products, including Manchego cheese, Jicama, and almonds. The salad is then topped with Saladworks' new strawberry capri dressing. For the promotional period, the salad will run for the special price of $6.99.

    The Manchego Salad promotion will be supported by network and cable television commercials in the Philadelphia metro market beginning in April and running till mid-May. Commercials will run throughout early morning, day, and primetime slots, and during popular shows such as American Idol, Hawaii Five-O, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and the Phillies games.

    “Saladworks’ seasonal salads have become a tradition in our stores. We are constantly enhancing our menu with seasonal products throughout the year, trying to incorporate powerhouse ingredients, which are foods that offer extra nutritional benefits," says chairman and CEO John Scardapane. "Customers call and email asking for their favorite seasonal varieties. We have no doubt that the Chicken Manchego will become a customer favorite.”