With stay-at-home orders extended in many states, people are continuing to find new ways to stay active, healthy and sane while in quarantine. Saladworks, the nation’s leading fast-casual create-your-own salad franchise, created a 30-day wellness challenge to celebrate National Salad Month throughout May. While many are still quarantined at home, the month of May is the perfect time to focus on one’s well-being, especially with summer around the corner. Additionally, this social campaign allows Saladworks to interact with its guests during a time when social distancing is of utmost importance.  

All month guests can go on to Saladworks social media pages, i.e. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to access the daily challenges. Each week Saladworks posts the weekly challenge for participants to do each day. Over the four weeks, there will be four different wellness themes that each challenge falls under – Create & Relate; Restore & Explore; Nature & Nurture; Nourish & Nutrition. Social media fans can participate in the day’s challenge directly with Saladworks or post it to their own social media tagging the brand for a chance to win free salads, rewards points and other prizes.

“In addition to our ‘Fives for Lives’ fundraising campaign which brings healthy, nutritious and flavorful meals to our local heroes battling COVID-19 on the front lines of this pandemic, we also wanted to create a way to engage with our guests and bring a smile to everyone’s face during such a difficult and uncertain time,” says Mark Mears, Chief Marketing Officer of Saladworks. “The ‘You Are A-May-Zing 30-Day Challenge’ has brought many together to celebrate National Salad Month in such a fun, original and interactive way, while also emphasizing ways to stay healthy, fit and well from live Instagram workouts and fitness tips to cooking demos for at-home salads.”

The premise of the “You Are A-May-Zing 30-Day Challenge” interactive social campaign is to celebrate and gamify National Salad Month and encourage guests to complete these challenges each day of the week around their unique “original” routines. With boredom becoming more rampant as the pandemic prolongs, these daily challenges add a little bit of fun and flavor to people’s days.

“We really want people to use this month to focus on themselves in all aspects of their lives,” adds Mears. “These challenges were designed specifically to fortify people’s bodies, build up immune systems, stimulate minds and bring the family closer together during a time when all of those aspects are so important.  By helping to ‘fuel the originality’ of our guests, we can all emerge from this pandemic even better than before.”

Along with the “You Are A-May-Zing 30-Day Challenge” campaign, Saladworks is doing its part to serve guests through the pandemic by offering free delivery on orders placed through its website as well as specific delivery specials via its partners at Door Dash, GrubHub and Uber Eats. In all cases, each Saladworks meal will be offered in tamper-resistant packaging with curbside service available for the health and safety of its guests.

Saladworks, which has been in business for more than 30 years, has always placed a focus on guest originality through its array of over 60 fresh, flavorful and healthy ingredients.  In addition to its Signature recipes, Saladworks offers create-your-own options, including salads, wraps, grain bowls and more.

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