Saladworks announced it has launched a partnership with REEF Technology, a Miami-based company that transforms parking lots and facilities into mobile ecosystems that seamlessly integrate a broad range of businesses. The partnership expands Saladworks’ footprint into 17 REEF hubs throughout 10 cities across the U.S., including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Nashville, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will primarily debut as ghost kitchens supported by third-party delivery companies nationwide. The first one opened in Philadelphia yesterday, with Miami to follow next week, and the rest throughout June.

While some of its REEF locations allow for walk-up orders, Saladworks will primarily use these mobile ecosystems as a means to accommodate a larger number and wider area of delivery orders. The centralized locations and ability to prepare food on-site promote the delivery of meals as efficiently and freshly as possible. Each site offers a menu of featured items, including Saladworks’ create-your-own and signature salads, wraps and grain bowls.

“We strive to be original in everything we do, and that originality is exemplified by exciting, strategic projects like this partnership with REEF Technology,” says Kelly Roddy, CEO of Saladworks. “Among our many creative channels of growth, these mobile ecosystems enable us to share our healthy, sustainable and incredible brand with guests we might not have otherwise reached.”

Saladworks, which has been in business for more than 30 years, has always placed a focus on guest originality through its healthy and fresh ingredients and create-your-own options. Ranked number 22 among this year’s Top 100 Fast Casual Movers and Shakers, the brand is currently experiencing impressive growth due to a rise in health-conscious consumer behaviors and its unique avenues for expansion, such as ghost kitchens, stores within stores, and locations across the likes of universities and military bases. By the end of 2020, Saladworks plans to open 30 new restaurants and have 50 more in development.

“In this age of social distancing, consumers are leaning on delivery and minimal-contact options now more than ever,” says Roddy. “These mobile ecosystems allow us to meet those needs and scale the Saladworks concept quickly, efficiently and for a fraction of the cost, which is a win-win for everybody.”

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