Saladworks has partnered with the United States Air Force to develop Saladworks restaurants on U.S. bases. Airmen, women and families living on U.S. Air Force bases across the country will soon be able to enjoy Saladworks as part of the Air Force Services’ global initiative for enhanced food quality.

“A couple of years ago, we embarked on a revamp of our military base food and beverage platform,” says Mike Baker, Chief of Strategy and Innovation at the Air Force Services Center. “What we have attempted to do with this new model is really modernize our food and beverage options. A younger, more socially aware demographic is in service now, with millennials looking for healthier, cleaner and more experiential food options than what we’ve traditionally provided in the past. After researching multiple brands, we knew Saladworks was the perfect addition.”

Saladworks has become a leader in the entrée salad segment, blazing the trail for health-conscious, fan-driven dining. At Saladworks, all salads are made to order, one at a time, from a wide variety of the freshest vegetables, fruits, proteins and dressings. Saladworks guests can create their own salad, or enjoy one of many signature and seasonal salads, along with a selection of freshly-made alternatives like wraps and soups.

“We want to provide a variety of high-quality menu options so our Airmen and Airwomen can make smarter choices in how they fuel their bodies, and Saladworks provides that capability perfectly,” says Baker. “We wanted to partner with a restaurant where the citizens living on U.S. Airforce bases can dine and enjoy going out for a meal together. Saladworks really drives that point home.”

Although real estate is still being chosen, Saladworks is currently eyeing possible development on the Air Force Academy campus, as well as the Buckley, Edwards, Davis-Monthan and Luke Air Force Bases.

“As these five locations open and we begin fueling our nation’s heroes, we will be providing those living on the bases with easy access to healthy eating choices,” adds Saladworks president Kelly Roddy. “Saladworks has something for everyone, no matter your dietary preference, and we are looking forward to bringing our quality ingredients to a new population of guests. One of the things that makes Saladworks so great is that our guests can customize and personalize their meals so they can create the perfect dining experience.”

As other brands rush to adapt to the healthy and personalized expectations of millennial guests, Saladworks’ established menu of endless fresh-ingredient combinations offers a strong, on-trend advantage. Now, with nearly 100 locations across eighteen states and a continued partnership with nontraditional venues such as military bases, airports and universities, Saladworks will continue its growth trajectory to double in size by the end of 2020.

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