Salata’s ‘Topping of the Month’ is mint to be in your salad.

Beginning June 1, the restaurant known for its simple, fresh, and honest ingredients will introduce mint to its toppings lineup.

Mint has multiple health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants, promotes digestion, is low in calories and contains zero fat. In addition to adding nutritional value, mint adds a fresh, sweet flavor with a cool aftertaste to any salad or wrap, which makes it the perfect touch for summer.

At Salata, guests are able to customize their own salad to fit the mood they are in that day. Mint fans are encouraged to dine at their local Salata soon. This special topping will only be available through June 30.

Some popular combinations featuring June’s Topping of the Month include—Salad 1—spinach and kale mix, radish, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots, corn, mint, grilled chicken and fresh herb vinaigrette.

Salad 2—Salata mix, tomato, red onion, mint, blue cheese, quinoa, olive oil, walnuts, croutons.

If mint isn’t your favorite, don’t fret. More than 50 fresh toppings and 10 house-made dressings are always available at Salata to create your perfect salad or salad wrap every day.

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