Salata announced that it has launched a new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to Salata’s technology suite illustrates the company’s efforts to become more convenient and rewarding for guests and to streamline operations further. The launch highlights Salata’s commitment to continued innovation that enhances the guest experience even in light of the COVID-19 crisis, including contactless ordering and use of the Tastemaker Rewards loyalty program through the app.

The new mobile app simplifies the digital experience and loyalty program for on-the-go guests. In addition to allowing users to order a meal in only a few taps, the mobile app includes delivery service integration through third party services, catering order capabilities, a location finder, order favoriting for future purchases, and the ability to use Salata’s Tastemaker loyalty reward program throughout the interface.

“The launch of our mobile app signifies another milestone in our strategic evolution,” says Salata president Michelle Bythewood. “With the onset of COVID-19, our industry has had to change and adapt to better serve our guests. By introducing our mobile app now, Salata is ready to better serve our loyal fan base safely while supporting our franchisees with an additional sales tool.”

The mobile app makes online ordering for takeout or delivery simple. Additionally, integration with Salata’s Tastemakers reward program allows users to make every salad count toward their rewards points. During the first week of launch, June 17 – 23, 2020, users will receive a $12 bonus reward when they place their first order through the app. The reward will be valid through July 17, 2020.

Salata partnered with Paytronix to help bring the mobile app to life and ensure maximum benefit for the Salata brand and franchisees.

“Paytronix is an industry leader in customer experience management solutions for restaurants, and we recognize the significant contributions they are making to drive innovation,” adds Bythewood. “Paytronix had existing integration with our POS and OO providers, so partnering with them to build our new mobile app was a natural fit.”

As an addition to Salata’s existing tech suite, the mobile app is optimized to work seamlessly with a number of recently implemented technology improvements. Since the launch of the tech suite in Fall 2019, Salata has seen a membership increase of 9.8% for new users from former online ordering accounts. Additionally, when the loyalty program was launched, 91% of existing online customers adopted the new Tastemaker Rewards program.

Tastemaker Rewards Loyalty Program

Salata’s inaugural loyalty program, Tastemaker Rewards, incentivizes return visits and helps Salata increase check average and drive day-part and off-season traffic.

For individuals: The program for individuals is an automatic rewards program with two tiers to allow for easily and quickly attainable rewards. It follows a points-to-dollars model so members can redeem rewards in-store, online or via the forthcoming Salata app. Members immediately earn one point for every dollar spent and are awarded $7 of Salata credit for every 100 points earned. This allows for an easy redemption journey for our guests while keeping the award margin to a manageable level for our franchise partners. As a sign-up reward, new members of the Tastemaker Rewards loyalty program will receive 85 points, putting them only 15 points away from their first $7 Salata credit. Further reward incentives include birthday rewards, referral rewards and double points days.

For catering: Salata has seen a growing demand for a catering loyalty program that offers customizable rewards. The catering loyalty program competitively rewards members with a three percent return in a “reward yourself” model, where members earn one point for each dollar spent. For every 1,500 points earned through catering orders, the member can choose either $50 in Salata credit or a $50 Amazon gift card.

Tech Suite Upgrades

Salata’s tech suite provides guests with more user-friendly options for enjoying Salata and improves operations across Salata stores nationwide.

A mobile-optimized online ordering experience includes features to help users make ordering decisions and to ensure a seamless ordering and check-out process. Among the features are an allergen filter, a “help” tool that offers recipe inspiration, and a group ordering option.

A catering ordering platform, provided by MonkeySoft Solutions, Inc. (MSI), an ezCater company, allows operators to look at catering sales holistically and use information to make key decisions about their business. Salata has seen significant year-over-year catering growth and sought a smarter way to manage it, including a better way to build and manage client relationships throughout the full buying journey. Salata guests will notice that catering ordering is now separate from individual online ordering, making the process easier for users to initiate and navigate. Guests placing catering orders can access saved order history, duplicate orders and use a single sign-on for both catering and Salata’s loyalty program, which allows them to apply rewards dollars directly to their catering order.

Salata partnered with Olo to enable Dispatch, a delivery solution designed for fresh food, to make delivery available at all Salata locations in order to accommodate the growing demand for off-premise options. During COVID-19, some franchisees also rolled out Olo Rails, allowing certain locations to take digital orders through third-party marketplaces that could be transmitted directly to the restaurants.

A new all-in-one, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system, Toast, simplifies operations by combining POS, front-of-house, back-of-house and guest-facing technology on a single platform. Toast’s operating expense model allows Salata franchisees to reduce the capital required for technology investment when they open new locations. Additionally, the fully integrated platform allows Salata to capture robust data and analytics to better understand guest preferences, which help inform product innovation. The information also allows Salata to deliver more tailored rewards to guests.

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