Two San Francisco entrepreneurs are taking the fight against childhood obesity into their own hands.

Ali Mukharti and Majid Ajmadi, owners and operators of Penguino’s Gourmet Yogurt, have opened their doors to local students inviting them to learn about nutrition and what goes into making the store’s all-natural organic offerings.

“The goal is helping and educating kids by showing them that they do have a choice when it comes to food and to generate more traffic to our store,” Ajmadi says.

The program began with Ajmadi’s interest in health and wellness. Wanting to share his knowledge of exercise and nutrition, Ajmadi’s original goal had been to serve Penguino’s frozen yogurt in public schools.

Once the he and his partner ran into corporate-contract obstacles with the local school district, however, they decided to let the kids come to them instead.

The plan is working so far. With multiple visits from local classes each month, Mukharti and Ajmadi are using their frozen treats to educate students about the role of proper nutrition and ingredient awareness in leading a balanced lifestyle.

During the tour students watch as a special mixing machine blends frozen yogurt or ice cream and then have the chance to create their own flavor combination.

“We are inviting all northern California school districts to take advantage of this opportunity,” Ajmadi says, adding that he and Mukharti hope to become role models for other businesses.

Penguino’s offerings include more than 100 handmade frozen yogurt and ice cream flavor combinations as well as smoothies and milkshakes.

–Blair Chancey

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