San Gelato Café will again be offering its signature Watermelon Sorbetto for the 10th year in a row. The Watermelon Sorbetto has gained a strong following with customers who come back to the stores during the summer requesting the limited-time, seasonal flavor.

San Gelato Café’s Watermelon Sorbetto is produced in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in artisan small batches using locally purchased, ripe watermelons. It is a simple recipe that includes only fresh fruit, cold filtered water, natural stabilizers, and simple syrup.

“Watermelon makes the ideal sorbetto as it naturally contains 92 percent water,” says Simona Faroni, owner of San Gelato Café. “We pick out each of the watermelons by hand to make sure they are of the highest quality. We store them and check each day to see if they are ripened. Once they are ready, we remove the seeds by hand for production. The result is naturally sweet watermelon sorbetto that is absolutely refreshing, which is especially attractive with the intense heat and humidity this time of year. It is our signature summer flavor.”

San Gelato Café’s Watermelon Sorbetto was available in stores on July 2, and will continue to be available as long as supplies last.

San Gelato Café has multiple locations in Northwest Florida and is now offering franchise opportunities nationwide to select individuals. For more information, call the corporate office at 850-243-5455 or visit the San Gelato Café website.

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