San Jamar has long been recognized as an industry leader in providing premium, innovative solutions for the foodservice industry that are smarter, safer, and more sanitary. In that spirit, San Jamar announced the launch of its newest product, Fryer Basket Identifiers.

The Fryer Basket Identifier from San Jamar offers a simple solution to help operators keep from accidentally mixing product in fryer vats. The Fryer Basket Identifier will help operators deliver quality flavor as well as reduce cross-contact between foods. Having separate fryers for different foods is an excellent start, but for complete protection make certain that fryer baskets for fish never cook poultry product and vice versa. Keep track at a glance of what product is cooked in each fryer basket and oil vat to protect patrons.

The Fryer Basket Identifier is also excellent for allergen concerns such as peanut oil, gluten, or any other allergen items that could be picked up in the fryer. For more information on the Fryer Basket Identifier, visit