The Mani-Kare Bandage Dispenser allows for operators to quickly and easily access a bandage in the event of an injury. The bandages dispense half open and ready to use for easy application. The Mani-Kare Bandage dispenser utilizes a unique cartridge system that reduces waste by dispensing one-at-a-time as well as being pilferage resistant. The dispenser features a locked upper compartment that secures the bandages until it is necessary to load in replacement cartridges. Each dispenser comes fully loaded and is capable of mounting on the wall to reduce footprint and provide utility in areas where space is tight.

The full Mani-Kare Bandage Dispenser family consists of the following:

  • Mani-Kare Bandage Dispenser (MKBD100)
  • (3) Strip Bandage cartridges
  • (1) Knuckle Bandage cartridge
  • (1) Large Patch Bandage cartridge
  • Strip Bandage Refill 3 pack (MKBR901)
  • Knuckle Bandage Refill 3 pack (MKBR903)
  • Large Patch Bandage Refill 3 pack (MKBR905)

The Mani-Kare Bandage Dispenser is constructed with a locked upper compartment for managers and maintenance with a lower compartment that all operators can access to address injuries. The dispenser is constructed using dishwasher safe materials and is NSF certified.

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