Raydiant, The Experience Operating System offering digital signage, AI, and employee experience solutions, announced an exciting new partnership with Goodcents. Goodcents has selected Raydiant to modernize and elevate its in-location experience across all franchise locations and corporate establishments using Raydiant’s innovative digital signage solutions.

Goodcents, known for their fresh sub sandwiches and commitment to customer satisfaction, had been searching for the ideal partner to enhance their in-store environment. After a successful pilot program demonstrating the unique value of Raydiant’s enterprise-grade tools, corporate cloud content control, and dynamic menu integrations, it was clear that Raydiant was the perfect fit. Impressed by the outstanding results, Goodcents integrated Raydiant’s platform throughout its franchise ecosystem and corporate locations.

“We are excited to bring our solutions to the amazing Goodcents brand and provide the best enterprise digital signage solutions to their locations,” said Ryan Helmstetler, VP of Marketing at Raydiant. “Our innovative platform will help Goodcents deliver a modern, engaging, and cohesive experience for their customers, aligning seamlessly with their brand values and operational goals.”

Madison Place, Marketing Manager at Goodcents, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Goodcents is so excited to partner with Raydiant as our digital experience partner. The platform’s ease of use and possibilities for marketing promotion provide an incredible opportunity for our franchisees. We are looking forward to launching this to our system!”

By integrating Raydiant’s dynamic menu boards, promotional signage, real-time content updates, and dynamic pricing changes, Goodcents aims to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth. This partnership underscores Raydiant’s commitment to helping businesses across various brick-and-mortar industries transform their customer experiences through cutting-edge experience solutions. With Raydiant’s user-friendly interface and robust features, Goodcents franchisees and corporate teams can easily manage and deploy content, ensuring consistent messaging and branding across all locations.

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