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    SandwichPro Analyzes Trends, Researches Market Strategies

  • Industry News July 13, 2011

    Which sandwich meat is most popular? What breads are customers scrambling to buy? How much more will guests pay for a branded condiment?, powered by Unilever Food Solutions, features insightful tidbits based on the company’s years of experience and product offerings, making it easy to find the sandwich information you need.

    The research tab of brings life to data that can help you develop pricing strategies, menu innovation, and more. Take upscale ingredients, for example: The Sandwich Pro team has discovered that sandwiches with aioli can sell for significantly more than other sandwiches. also breaks down our findings into easy-to-read graphics and articles so that the most important insights are right at your fingertips.

    -          SandwichStats: quick-read charts on consumer preferences and areas of industry growth/decline

    -          Know Your Customers: survey results on sandwich attitudes, favorite ingredients and other consumer preferences

    -          Quality Ingredients: information on specific sandwich components, such as condiments or vegetables

    -          Trend Reports: new ideas and developments in the industry, as well as data broken down by segment, including quarterly reports and “hot and not” assessments of different sandwich types

    Arming yourself with the right knowledge can mean big business for your operation. Whether you’re looking to add a signature sandwich to your menu, change up your cheeses, or develop an LTO special, provides the background you need to make informed decisions about your sandwich offerings. For helpful hints to help you maximize sandwich and burger sales and profits, visit today.