Sankranti Indian Kitchen owner and restaurateur Srinivasa Nimmagadda (Nimms) is expanding his footprint in the fast-casual Indian restaurant space and will open another location at Emory in the first quarter of 2023.

The name of his restaurant, Sankranti (pronounced sum-kraanthi), translates to “positive change” in Sanskrit and is the foundation of Nimmagadda’s successful concept of offering healthy menu items to guests. “At its core, Indian spices and dishes are some of the most wholesome foods in the world. Our food is not only incredibly tasty, but it also is highly nutritious and supports the immune system as well,” says Nimmagadda.

Sankranti Indian Kitchen opened its first location in Dunwoody in 2022, and its popularity as Atlanta’s first fast-casual Indian eatery has soared among diners ready to explore and taste new flavor profiles. “Our menu reflects the diversity of aromatic spices from both southern and northern regions of India, and our fast-casual approach is affordable and allows guests to experiment and build exciting, custom meals to their liking,” says Nimmagadda.

Sankranti Indian Kitchen’s all-day menu boasts fresh, made-to-order varieties of curry bowls, karma rolls, veggie samosas, salads, and desserts. Meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes are available to suit any palate. Guests can choose from pulao rice, jeera rice, or grilled vegetables as the base of their bowls, rolls, or salads and add a variety of proteins. Spicy chicken, mango chicken, kurma chicken, tikka chicken, chana (chickpea), and paneer (cheese) are available. Curry bowls such as paneer tikka masala, chana masala, and dal panchratna (lentils) are popular non-meat choices.    

Nimmagadda is regarded as a leader in the Indian restaurant arena in Georgia with his fine dining restaurant and banquet hall in Johns Creek also called Sankranti. Now, he will offer franchise opportunities for his fast-casual concept and has 10 locations planned for the Atlanta area. His long-term goal is to make Sankranti available nationwide.

The 2,200-square-foot Emory restaurant will feature an open kitchen and counter for ordering, seating for 40 guests indoors, and additional seating outdoors. 

Sankranti India Kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner and is located at 1569 N. Decatur Road near Emory University.

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