Industry News | September 3, 2013

Schlotzsky’s Raises $150K For Diabetes Research

In 2012, Schlotzsky's, home of The Original round toasted sandwich and Fresh-from-Scratch buns, partnered with JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and successfully exceeded its $100,000 fundraising goal by raising $150,000 for the organization.

Schlotzsky’s has now announced that for the second year of the partnership, it hopes to raise $200,000 to support JDRF’s efforts to progressively remove the burdens of T1D and ultimately create a world without the disease.

“This is a cause that’s close to our hearts, and it’s an honor to partner with a high-impact foundation such as JDRF for a second year,” says Kelly Roddy, president of Schlotzsky’s, who is also serving as chairman of the Austin JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on October 27. “We hope this is something we can do for many years to come in an effort to eventually cure this disease.”

This year, Schlotzsky’s is again employing a “Give a Dollar, Get a Dollar” system-wide campaign. For every dollar guests donate to the cause, they will receive a coupon for a dollar off their next Schlotzsky’s purchase.

Additionally, throughout the year, Schlotzsky’s will have numerous opportunities to raise funds for JDRF on both national and local levels through sponsored Walks and participation in other JDRF events.

“We are so grateful to Schlotzsky’s for such a great partnership in the fight against type 1 diabetes,” says Margo K. Lucero, vice president of corporate development for JDRF. “Through the continued generosity and commitment of Schlotzsky’s employees and customers, the dollars raised will help fund research that will lessen the impact of this disease until we find a cure.”

As the largest charitable supporter of T1D research, JDRF is sponsoring $530 million in scientific research in 17 countries. In 2012 alone, JDRF provided more than $110 million to T1D research.

Type 1 diabetes affects millions of people around the world. The disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, a hormone essential to turning food into energy.

Without insulin, glucose from food stays in the blood, where it can cause serious damage to all of the body’s organ systems. T1D strikes both children and adults suddenly and is unrelated to diet and lifestyle. It requires constant carbohydrate counting, blood glucose testing, and lifelong dependence on injected insulin.


Cheers to Schlotzky's for this cause related marketing.

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