Schlotzsky’s is kicking up the heat this winter by giving away 100,000 special 3-ounce bottles of its signature hot sauce at restaurants nationwide on Valentine’s Day, but participation of Schlotzsky’s fans is needed to “like” its Facebook Hot Sauce thermometer in order to activate the saucy giveaway.

The online activation will begin January 22 on National Hot Sauce Day, and the giveaway will be uncapped if fans help the hot sauce thermometer reach 100 degrees by February 1. Each “like” will cause the temperature of the thermometer to rise and bring customers closer to uncapping 300,000 ounces of Schlotzsky’s hot sauce at its participating restaurants nationwide February 14, while supplies last.

Schlotzsky’s flavorsome hot sauce, packed with piquant overtones of Louisiana cayenne peppers in a vinegar base, has long been a customer favorite addition to The Original, the sandwich that started it all, as well as other signature sandwiches, Macs, pizzas, flatbreads and more.

“Schlotzsky’s signature hot sauce is hot—and I don’t just mean on the Scoville Scale, but through the enthusiasm we see and feel from our customers adding it to their favorite menu items,” says Schlotzsky’s president Kelly Roddy. “This Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to help folks spice up their culinary creations through our hot sauce giveaway, and given its cult-like following, it may prove to be a pretty easy task for fans to accomplish.” 

Schlotzsky’s hot sauce 12 ounce bottles are available for purchase in store, but because of its fans’ true love of it, we are also making it available for purchase at starting on Valentine’s Day, February 14. And, for hot sauce fanatics who miss the in-store giveaway, Schlotzsky’s can help spread the love on Facebook. For the first 100 people who send Schlotzsky’s a request through Facebook on Valentine’s Day, the brand will send a complimentary 12-ounce hot sauce bottle to their designated “hottie” with a special message.

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