With the arrival of summer, Scooter’s Coffee has brought its franchisees a powerful new way to help customers cool down and power up anywhere and everywhere with the company’s first-ever canned Cold Brew beverages. The new Cold Brews are the company’s first foray into the ready-to-drink coffee category and come in three initial varieties:

  • Guatemala – a slow-steeped black cold brew medium roast coffee with notes of brown sugar, citrus and floral
  • Costa Rica Micro-Mill – a slow-steeped black cold brew medium roast coffee with notes of cacao, citrus and tropical fruits, procured directly from small family-controlled micro-mill farms
  • Scooter Doodle – based off of a fan-favorite flavored coffee in stores, this smooth roast tastes like a combination of hazelnut and cinnamon with a touch of clove

“Cold brew coffee has been a favorite of our customers for years. With our new line of canned Cold Brew, we couldn’t be more excited to give our customers, not only their morning cup of coffee, but also their afternoon pick-me-up drink at the same time,” says Cris Bengis, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales. 

All three varieties are unsweetened and do not contain any cream or sugar, so that customers can experience hints of all of flavor notes that each unique drink has to offer.

“We believe strongly that every amazing cup of coffee starts with the direct relationships we have with our farmers,” adds Bengis. “It is through these relationships that we have found highly skilled farmers who take tremendous pride in their coffee beans and in-turn provide Scooter’s with the highest quality blends to slow-steep into these perfected Cold Brew varieties. The passion for coffee from farmer to customer is felt in every sip of our new canned Cold Brew Coffees.”

All three varieties are currently available at Omaha and Lincoln area Scooter’s locations and will be available at locations nationwide beginning the week of July 8.

The release of this product is a milestone for Scooter’s consumer packaged goods business and marks the long-awaited kickoff of several product launches in late 2019 and early 2020. 

Scooter’s Coffee is a drive-thru franchise that has been serving world-class coffee for more than 20 years and has more than 215 locations in 14 states across the nation.



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