Scooter’s Coffee announced the company is being recognized for its strong workplace culture. Quantum Workplace awarded Scooter’s Coffee with a Gold 2024 Quantum Workplace Employee Voice Award in the Top Performers category.

To be considered, award candidates must have presented their dedication to prioritizing their people by making them feel valued, heard and connected to the organization, aligning themselves as employers of choice. Employees also regularly ask for feedback, recognition and guidance from their manager and teammates throughout the entire company.

“We’ve created an environment where enthusiasm thrives, innovation flourishes and success becomes a collective journey,” says Mikala Friedrich, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Scooter’s Coffee. “This award not only celebrates our achievements but also inspires us to continue cultivating a workplace where every person feels connected, supported and motivated to contribute their best.”

The Gold Award raised the bar for Scooter’s Coffee in 2024 because in the previous two years, the company earned Silver for an EVA. “Quantum Workplace’s Employee Voice Award doesn’t recognize achievement, but instead a relentless pursuit of growth and progress,” Quantum Workplace CEO Greg Harris says. “That’s true of Scooter’s Coffee because they believe that building cultures of employee success will drive business success. We’re honored to partner with them on this journey.”

New for 2024, Quantum Workplace recognized outstanding managers for their crucial work in engaging employees and coaching performance. Honna Andersen, Senior District Manager at Scooter’s Coffee, was awarded Gold for the Outstanding Manager Award.

As part of the nomination process, her team shared that she is an engaging leader who inspires them to bring the best version of themselves to work each day. Honna is also someone who commands the respect of her team because of her talent, support and daily inspiration.

Emily Hopkins, Manager of Supply Chain Optimization, was also nominated for an Outstanding Manager Award for her role with Scooter’s Coffee’s affiliate company, Harvest Roasting. Emily’s influence as a people leader elevated her as someone who creates an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas, concerns and feedback for collaboration.

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