ParTech, Inc. today announced that it has appointed Scott Langdoc, retailing industry technology visionary and strategist, as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) reporting to Ed Soladay, president of ParTech, Inc.

Langdoc is responsible for providing the technology vision for PAR, leading the software development and governance groups, and will work closely with the PAR marketing, global product organization, and strategic alliances groups on solution strategies. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation.

Langdoc brings a broad and deep industry perspective to PAR with more than 20 years of information technology experience, including roles as a chief information officer (CIO) at Raley’s, CTO at Fujitsu, and as global leader of AMR Research, now a part of Gartner, and IDC. Prior to joining PAR, Langdoc was founder and chief strategist at RetailCENTRIC, a strategic consultancy and advisory firm for retailers and industry IT vendors worldwide. Previously, Langdoc held the position of CTO for Fujitsu Transaction Solutions where he had P&L responsibility for Fujitsu’s retail software operations including product development for enterprise point-of-sale.

“Scott’s extensive technology experience, retail industry vision, and pragmatic approach will be a tremendous asset to our leadership team,” Soladay says. “Scott will be instrumental in driving innovative software solutions and process improvements to help PAR transform retailing and the consumer experience. We will also benefit from Scott’s compelling contributions to the continued roll out of our software-centric Boundless Hospitality vision and strategy.”

“The hospitality industry is experiencing dramatic shifts in customer expectations that are driving a new set of requirements for hospitality operations, and PAR is well positioned to benefit from this changing environment,” Langdoc says. “PAR’s Boundless Hospitality initiative is delivering customer-facing and enterprise technology that improves both top-line and bottom-line performance. I look forward to building on the company’s momentum by continuing to develop innovative technologies that improve the customer experience and operator profitability.”

PAR’s Boundless Hospitality initiative addresses the rapidly changing consumer behaviors and the evolving operator requirements in the hospitality industry. This market shift and new customer perspectives require hospitality companies to be nimble in responding to changing demand patterns while providing a more personal customer experience. Broad revenue and profit growth are possible for those operators who recognize that the rules have changed by combining an agile business strategy with the latest supporting technology to be at the heart of, and stay ahead of, these changes.

The Boundless Hospitality initiative includes new solution offerings and an integrated partner program focused on enhancing hospitality technology’s ability to help operators solve key new industry challenges and adapt to sweeping changes in consumer behavior. For more information on PAR’s Boundless Hospitality initiative, visit: