Sea Watch International, Ltd, announced a new line of appetizer and snack bites. The bites will be packed under the American Original snacks & appetizers brand. Since 1978 Sea Watch International has been producing value added seafood products dominated by clams as the primary protein. With the advancement of our capabilities new opportunities have arisen to utilize other proteins in value added products. We process our specialty seafood products in our facility located in Easton, MD. In order to accommodate the use of other proteins we have had this facility certified to produce products under USDA inspection. Our new Crispy Bite product line is the culmination of using our capabilities to produce unique product of­ferings to address the growth in small plates, broader appetizer offerings and portable foods.

The four new flavors are savory bites they are; Cheeseburger Patty with Pickles, Chicken Tortilla, Clam Casino and Bacon, Jalapeno Macaroni & Cheese. These bites will be available nationally.  The bites are perfect for the grab and go menu they are; craveable, deliverable, shareable, portable, unique, kid and car friendly.

Sea Watch is open to customized bite formulas (volume dependent), we plenty of suggested formulas for you to choose from or to inspire your creativity. Formulas meet all day parts; breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. If you would like a list of these formulas please contact Tracey at for the list.