Search Engine Optimization Update Allows Increased Control

    Industry News | September 21, 2009
    Relevant Searches, a search-engine marketing firm, announced new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that improve end-user experience and put marketers in control of organic search listings and campaign profitability. The company’s SEO 2.0 services deliver content-rich, customized results that are updated daily and empower marketers to manage campaigns to business rules at the URL level.

    “We believe that ‘consumer-empowered marketing’ is the future,” says Maury Domengeaux, CEO of Relevant Searches. “Marketing campaigns must transform from unwanted, irrelevant interruptions to highly personalized messages based on preferences, real-time demographics, behavior, referrals, location, and availability—delivered to the appropriate device at precisely the right moment. Online search must make a corresponding transformation and deliver highly relevant, content-rich results that are easily understandable and up-to-date.”

    Relevant Searches' SEO 2.0 services are enabled by the company’s Smart Feed platform, which builds rich structured data feeds that are updated daily directly into search engines. Unlike Web crawlers, the Smart Feed platform guarantees that all Web pages can be indexed daily by search engines and be ranked. Campaigns are hand-crafted by professional interactive marketers and directly linked to the appropriate landing page within the website. End-users receive customized titles and descriptions uniquely developed for each keyword they query.

    “The industry’s dependence upon web crawlers is changing,” says Charles Hentrich, chief scientist at Relevant Searches. “Most people don’t realize that Web crawlers can take up to a month to index new pages, which results in stale information, broken links, and expired product offers within search results. In addition, spiders will never be as good as merchants at knowing what content and which pages are relevant to their end users. The way to dramatically improve end-user experience is to embrace a structured data feed model which allows merchants to directly augment content in the index rather than passively allow a crawler to select it.”

    Online marketers who use Relevant Searches SEO 2.0 services gain precision to campaign management through continuous optimization, including the ability to enforce business rules for any web page and optimize traffic volume, leads, and ROI. Marketers can quickly launch and refresh campaigns with a limitless number of Web pages. The campaign management increases click-through rates, improves search rankings, and maximizes conversions.
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