Seattle’s Best Coffee welcomes the arrival of spring with the launch of a new seasonal latte offering, the Blackberry Creme Latte. Prepared with premium ingredients, Seattle’s Best Coffee is encouraging guests to awaken their senses with the new Blackberry Creme Latte for a truly delightful experience this spring.

Joining the line-up of springtime favorites, the Blackberry Creme Latte combines Seattle’s Best Coffee’s signature smooth espresso with mellow blackberry flavors and a hint of floral notes. Made with velvety steamed milk and topped with a sprinkle of citrus-berry infused sugar, the Blackberry Creme Latte is finished with a touch of white chocolate sauce for a smooth and rich latte experience. Expertly layered with light and balanced flavors, the Blackberry Creme Latte is also available in a creamy, cold JavaKula blended beverage version perfect for when the warm weather arrives.

“With our guests eagerly anticipating the warmer days of spring, Seattle’s Best Coffee is excited to offer a deliciously smooth beverage, the Blackberry Creme Latte, that is the essence of the season,” says Steve Hayter, food and beverage director at Seattle’s Best Coffee. “This new addition to our latte portfolio is the perfect beverage to help consumers celebrate spring’s arrival.”

As one of Seattle’s original coffee houses, Seattle’s Best Coffee has been roasting, blending and brewing Uncommonly Smooth coffees since 1970. In addition to the new Blackberry Creme Latte debuting this spring, Seattle’s Best Coffee is celebrating its 39 years of coffee heritage by offering guests this year’s Anniversary Roast. Blending African and Latin American coffees, Anniversary Roast is a bright coffee with hints of floral, citrus and chocolate notes. Seattle’s Best Coffee encourages guests to pour a cup this spring and give a toast to the 39th Anniversary with Anniversary Roast.

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