Industry News | November 3, 2011

Seattle's Best: Entrenched in the 9-to-5 World

Seattle’s Best has already delivered its coffee to airplanes, AMC movie theaters, and major quick serves like Subway and Burger King. Now the Starbucks-owned coffee brand is conquering a new frontier: the corporate office.

The company announced today that its volume in the office coffee marketplace increased by 12 percent in the last year. Meanwhile, according to Technomic, the entire office segment was down 2.5 percent during the same time period.

Jenny McCabe, director of communication and public relations for Seattle’s Best, says the office marketplace strategy fits nicely into the brand’s plan to take “great coffee everywhere.”

“There are a lot of people who are drinking a lot of bad coffee in office buildings,” she says.

“We’re just really starting to make headway there. I think the fact that we’ve grown 12 percent this last year in volume while the industry has declined by 2 percent, that’s a big deal. It shows something’s working.”

Seattle’s Best’s coffee is now available at around 50,000 different touch points. The company has said that its goal is to reach 100,000 touch points.

McCabe says Seattle’s Best coffee is available to offices in pillow packs and in single-cup offerings. The single-cup product is compatible with the Seattle’s Best Coffee Premium Brewer and seven other machines.

“That’s opening up a lot of doors,” she says. “Single cup is becoming more and more important to people everywhere. … It’s on the rise in the office place because it makes a lot of sense.”

For now, McCabe says, the Seattle’s Best sales team—which leverages the size and resources of Starbucks—is zeroing in on bigger, corporate-type office locations to distribute the Seattle’s Best products.

“We’re focused on business and industry and things like hospitals and government buildings, college campuses—those are all places where we’re seeing a lot of success,” McCabe says.

For Seattle’s Best, McCabe says, the office marketplace offers an opportunity to further entrench its brand in the coffee drinker’s world. And for offices, Seattle’s Best offers an immeasurable boost to workers.

“The emotional component of coffee makes the ROI really high,” McCabe says. “If you’re the office manager or person in charge of facilities, trying to think of what you can do, there’s an exponential ROI there for coffee.”

By Sam Oches

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They are switching our office to "Seattles best". What ever it is, it's just awful coffee, bitter, burnt, nasty stuff. I suspect it has nothing to do with product quality and it's all about marketing and making it convenient for the facilities manager.

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