SecureConnect Now Offers PCI Compliance Training Module

    Industry News | March 7, 2012

    SecureConnect Inc., an industry provider of Internet security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance services, announced the addition of a new PCI compliance training module to its already robust compliance offerings. 

    With the online training module, merchants are able to access three different levels of PCI training courses; one for the business owner, another for the store manager, and another for frontline employees. The training is aimed at providing staff with education on PCI compliance and proper credit card handling procedures in order to protect cardholder data. Each level of training is tailored to a specific type of employee and what they need to know about PCI compliance in relation to their role in the business.

    “Your employees are your first line of defense in preventing data breaches,” says Dave Perrill, president of SecureConnect Inc. “This comprehensive PCI Training Module equips store employees with the knowledge to help prevent a breach from occurring and provides added security for your customers and your business.”

    To complement the training courses, the module also includes course exams, training completion certificates, PCI security policies for each level of employee, and the ability for owners and/or store managers to track employee progress and access reports. The owner can easily access all their user management capabilities through their mySecureConnect user portal.  PCI training needs to be addressed on an annual basis. The SecureConnect PCI Training Module is setup to meet this need, providing access to all training resources, with no limitations on number of employees, all at an affordable, per location rate. This differs from all other training options available on the market today and finally makes training employees a realistic goal that when fully utilized, the SecureConnect PCI Training Module meets PCI DSS 12.6.1 training requirements. It can be purchased online as a single service or as a part of one of the SecureConnect PCI Managed Security and Validation Packages.

    As data breach incidents continue to rise, merchants must realize that credit card security goes beyond the external technology threats that hackers present. Internal threats are very real and can pose a significant risk to cardholder data security. Business owners are beginning to take proactive steps to educate their employees about what to look for (i.e., what a skimmer looks like, identifying suspicious behavior of other employees, etc.) and layout steps for reporting any possible issues. By making employees advocates for the business, merchants can minimize the possibility of an internal breach and deter those that may attempt such an act in the future.

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