Industry News | June 20, 2012

SecureConnect Serves Up Security at Burger King, Cosi

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C.R. Restaurant, Inc., a multi-unit franchisee in the quick-serve and fast-casual market, has implemented SecureConnect managed security solutions in all 30 of its Burger King and Così locations.

The services provide all locations with a robust PCI compliance offering including managed network security, secure customer Wi-Fi access, and an online PCI training module to train all employees on proper credit card handling procedures.  

The world has seen a dramatic rise in cybercrimes in recent years. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and they continue to focus on smaller targets with a growing interest in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail sectors.  

According to Visa, in 2011 alone, restaurants accounted for 73 percent of all breach incidents within the U.S. This reality hit close to home for Brian Swann, director of information technology for C.R. Restaurant, after hearing that a merchant they knew had suffered a credit card breach. When he learned just how much the breach incident had cost them, Swann decided it was necessary to address PCI compliance in all of the C.R. franchise locations.

Realizing the complexity of the PCI requirements and having minimal exposure to the topic after upgrading its POS system, he said the biggest obstacle to getting started was simply understanding what it meant to be PCI compliant.

“I have an IT background and I was completely lost on what PCI was,” Swann says. “I can imagine other individuals, [including] many franchisees I know, that have no IT background and, as a result, may not work on being complaint because they have no idea where to even start.”  

Swann looked to SecureConnect as a partner in protecting the business and brand. Beyond technology services provided, part of the value SecureConnect offered was access to educational resources and a team of trained experts that assisted him through the PCI compliance process, clearing up his confusion and making sure he did what was necessary to become compliant.  

“I have dealt with some great employees at SecureConnect,” Swann says. “They work with you and help you along. They don’t make you feel stupid.”  

In addition to the expert guidance, Swann found that SecureConnect offers important features to the C.R. Restaurants organization like 24/7 proactive monitoring and support, as well as a layer of financial protection with a $100,000 Breach Protection Program. 

SecureConnect team members work around-the-clock in the Network Operations Center to monitor the network security for thousands of locations across the country, including those for C.R. Restaurant. By ensuring that its network is secure and fully operational, Swann and the rest of his team can focus on other areas of the business.  

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