Vertek Corporation, provider of end-to-end business process outsourcing, business consulting, and managed business assurance offerings for the telecommunications industry, announced that it signed an agreement with Interface Security Systems LLC, provider of electronic security solutions, managed broadband, and IP security applications. Vertek will order, track, and manage the installation and testing of all of the telephony circuits required to deliver Interface’s remote alarm monitoring and managed IP services. After Vertek delivers the physical circuits, Interface Security Systems will dispatch its technicians to customer locations to install the cameras and other security and IP data equipment to enable remote monitoring of customers from the Interface UL Listed Secure Operations Center.

“Because the integrity of the Streaming IP video, critical business processes, and telemetry circuits are critical to our business, we can’t afford to have any issues in the ordering, installation, or operation of these circuits,” says Mike McLeod, president of Interface Security Systems LLC. “When you are installing thousands of security applications across multiple locations, the telephony piece can be a major hold-up if not done properly. Vertek has been able to step in and expertly handle the circuit set-up to ensure that everything goes smoothly and remains on schedule.”

In order to link customers on the Interface private managed network, Vertek must deal with the complexity and different processes of ordering from the numerous telecommunications carriers involved across the U.S. A franchise chain store or restaurant, for example, could have thousands of locations across the nation, all of which need communications connectivity. The circuits used include DSL, Cable, T1, or a wireless broadband connection, depending on what is available locally. Vertek follows each order through circuit turn-up and first invoice whether it is for the smallest residential customer or a Fortune 500 company.

“We are pleased to partner with Interface Security Systems LLC, an innovator and leader in Managed IP Services, to efficiently deliver the appropriate network connectivity to their customers,” says Brad Soutiere, president and COO of Vertek Corp. “Our collaboration is a great example of outsourcing a business process like On-Demand Engineering to a trusted partner who understands that domain well and who can deal with all of the complex issues of circuit ordering so that each partner can focus on doing their best job in delivering on their core business model.”