Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher joined McDonald’s Chicago Region Vice President Phil Gray and
Speedpass President Mike Goldberg as McDonald’s announced it is offering customers a faster way to pay. Speedpass machines are
now installed and operating in 450 McDonald’s restaurants in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

“The local McDonald’s Owners of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana have been in training camp for the past six months, perfecting
the game plan for Speedpass,” Gray said.

Urlacher was on hand to add to the festive celebration of the announcement. He served customers in the drive-thru and at the counter
and signed autographs for fans.

The Speedpass is a wand which a user simply waves across an area at the cash register which says “Place Speedpass Here.” The
Speedpass automatically and immediately communicates the payment to the user’s preferred credit or debit card. No signature is
needed for the purchase.

Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana is the only McDonald’s market in the country currently offering Speedpass use.

Over five million people currently use Speedpass. The same Speedpass device that a customer uses at Mobil will work at McDonald’s.
There is no fee to sign-up for Speedpass or to use a Speedpass. Area McDonald’s restaurants will have Speedpass applications

McDonald’s Owners of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana consists of over 460 restaurants stretching from Zion to Watseka and
Princeton to Michigan City, Indiana. As part of its ongoing community efforts, McDonald’s supports various charitable and educational

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