Seven Brothers, the Hawaiian-born restaurant putting a family-oriented, quality-driven spin on the average burger joint, has announced plans to open more locations during Q2 of 2024. After the successful launch of their latest location in Pleasant Grove, the brand is eager to maintain its momentum and continue its growth trajectory.

The burger brand now boasts seven operational locations spread across three states: four in Hawaii, three in Utah, and its latest addition in Arizona. In the upcoming quarter, Seven Brothers anticipates the opening of four additional restaurants within Utah, potentially in locales such as St. George, Farmington, Uintah and Salt Lake City.

“Since opening a new location and signing a few deals, we’ve had a great start to 2024,’” says Shez Hannemann, Co-Owner of Seven Brothers. “It’s been an exciting journey to share the Hawaiian culture, love and spirit through Seven Brothers. We can’t wait to open even more locations and share the essence of our brand with the rest of the world.”

Seven Brothers is actively seeking entrepreneurs interested in expanding their presence across Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, and Utah. These individuals should share a vision of enriching their local communities with a blend of warmth, relaxation, and a hint of beachside paradise. The brand has a culture and mission that facilitates a welcoming, easy-going vibe; it’s a unique, energetic and fun concept that immediately differentiates itself from other competing burger concepts. Seven Brothers offers a business model that is synonymous with the meaning of “family” and “Aloha.”

“Our brand employs 3 things: Christ centered, family focused, and passionate about making and serving food that will blow you away,” adds Seth Hannemann, Co-Owner of Seven Brothers. “At Seven Brothers, we invite customers to experience a slice of paradise right in their own neighborhoods. Our flavorful creations and relaxed ambiance create an unforgettable dining experience similar to a beachside getaway.”

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