Shake Shack has named Austin-based Preacher its first lead creative agency and is launching a test market run of its first-ever brand campaign, “For What It’s Worth,” created in partnership with the agency. Following a formal review for the business that culminated in August, Preacher was tasked with creating a brand platform and campaign for Shake Shack, as well as a refreshed design approach. Media duties, including data-driven planning, buying and optimization, are being handled by Known and were awarded under a separate pitch earlier in the summer.

The decision to bring on an agency and launch a new brand campaign marks a significant shift for Shake Shack, whose prior paid media efforts focused mainly on limited time offerings and promotions.

“For What It’s Worth,” will launch initially in Seattle, a high opportunity market for the brand, before a potential broader expansion in 2023. The campaign is underlied by fans’ undeniable love for Shake Shack’s premium ingredients and uplifting experience, pulling real comments from social media to inform :30, :15 and :06 spots that will run across local TV, connected TV, social and digital.

In staying true to Shake Shack’s New York roots, Preacher partnered with director Nicolas Heller (AKA @newyorknico), known for his contributions to the NYC community and social media presence, to bring the films to life. OOH ads will also run throughout Seattle.

Shake Shack | Different Breed of Good :30 from PREACHER on Vimeo.

Shake Shack | Different Breed of Good :15 v1 from PREACHER on Vimeo.

“We wanted to leverage our own guests’ comments to put into words the often ‘indescribable’ experience of Shake Shack – a perfect blending of delicious food, great ingredients and feel-good vibe that creates a little magic,” says Michael McGarry, VP of Brand at Shake Shack.

“People have a fierce love for Shake Shack and they’re not shy about it online. You can feel their comments and posts coming from a very genuine, insightful place. So let’s tap directly into it, let them speak for themselves and have loads of fun dramatizing their words,” says Marcus Brown, Creative Director at Preacher. “The campaign was designed to humbly say hey, WE’RE not going to toot our own horn, but FWIW, this is the crazy affection people feel for Shake Shack in real life, so maybe give us a shot.”

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